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About Us

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We wish to use our many years of teaching experience to help students solidify their interest in mathematics and computer science. Our goal is to enrich students to help them understand mathematical concepts, increase their grades, solve problems logically and strategically, and analyze information at multiple levels. We will use fun scientific methods to increase the learning aptitude of our students! We will inspiringly develop our students to think smarter through love! Our students will improve their problem-solving skills through solid and systematic training methods. In addition, we will be imparting wisdom from Proverbs (from the Bible) so that the students will not only develop better study habits, but also a healthier attitude.



    Developing and Promoting Interests; Cultivating and Improving Critical Thinking; Developing and Enhancing Skills; Improve Performances

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    25 Brodie Drive, Unite 8, Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 3K7
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